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John Sullivan


This repository is meant to link all repositories and literature
related to the TorqueTuner.


The TorqueTuner (TT) was first developed in 2020 by Kirkegaard, Bredholt, Frisson and Wanderley
as an embedded haptic module for DMIs like the T-Stick. It’s main focus
was simulation of haptic effects associated with turning a knob,
affordability and portability of force feedback devices.



Afterwards, it was further developed to be a prototyping and
authoring tool of 1-DOF haptic effects for the IDMIL, replacing the
initial motor with a more powerful one.

It is wifi capable and can run OSC and Libmapper over the local
network thanks to the ESP32. You can learn more about it in the links
provided below.


In the first version of the TorqueTuner, a Mechaduino (open source stepper motor) was controlled by an ESP32. The second version had the Mechaduino be replaced with a Moteus motor (brushless) that had it’s controller. The controllers firmware was then modified to send and receive data via SPI from an ESP32. More information can be found in the links below.

Future Work

This is an open source-project, as such all documents and information
is made available to anyone who wished to replicate the TorqueTuner. Any
future development is meant to further the project but not replace what
has currently been done.

  • There is in the works the idea to replace the ESP32 with a Bela
    beagle board or a raspberry pi for added computational power and data
    transfer speeds.
  • Improvement to the haptic authoring tool
  • Better integration with authoring tools like Feelix or
  • Improvement on haptic responses, removal of Aliasing in the haptic

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