Sonic Touch: A Haptic Toolkit for Fast Vibrotactile Prototyping



John Sullivan

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Oren Ronen, Marcelo M. Wanderley

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Proceedings of the 2024 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME2024)


In the realm of Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs), tac- tile feedback typically inherent in acoustic instruments is notably absent, creating a gap in the sensory experience of musicians. Previous works typically aimed at bridging this gap by designing haptic effects using trial-and-error strategies. This paper introduces Sonic Touch, a toolkit developed in Max/MSP that facilitates the rapid prototyp- ing of audio-driven vibrotactile haptic effects. The toolkit allows users to design a variety of haptic effects by ma- nipulating parameters like wave type, vibration duration, frequency, repetition, and envelope, then store and man- age them in buffers for output. The toolkit’s architecture is grounded in a modular, building-block approach, accessi- ble through a simple graphical user interface. Practical use of this toolkit is demonstrated through two examples, first designing a haptic tremolo effect, and second augmenting a Touch ?e controller with vibrotactile feedback.

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