Projeto: Cerrado – Unfolding Spaces



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Anésio Neto, Ph.D., multimedia artist and philosophy teacher, explores the boundaries between sound/art & Landscapes. This willingness has begun by exploring the Brazilian Cerrado, making field recording (audio and video), and summoning it to life through audio-visual performances. This artistic research attempts to return to the most primal perception of reality, in which the boundaries between ego and Nature become blurry by the usage of technology.

The Brazilian Cerrado’s landscapes are the starting point of this artistic research. The Worldwide Fund for Nature’s website defines Cerrado as a tropical savanna located mostly in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Tocantins, and Minas Gerais. Cerrado is the second vastest morphoclimatic zone/domain in Brazil and presents distinct types of habitat: forest savanna, wooded savanna, park savanna, and gramineous-woody savanna. This environment circumscribes the site wherein audio-visual field recordings were arranged as materials to compose audio-visual performances.

Projeto: Cerrado brings forth a discussion on artwork and its relationship to its site. Understanding the dialectical spatial tension between natural environments and artworks that outgrow from Nature occupies the central discussion that flows from our artistic inquiry. Aesthetic and creative implications flourished from creating mixed media artworks using field recordings to bring forth our artistic experience toward space and time within Cerrado’s landscapes.

Cerrado is the first component of a dialectical relation established between natural and unnatural environments. The second component emerges from displacing audio-visual stimuli that sums up the artist’s spatial-temporal experience in the natural site. From the relationship between both components, spatial dialectics erupts for the methodology designed here. The poetic act creates meaning to the materiality perceived (most of it derived from audio and visual sensations) and shapes the unnatural spaces where perceptual stimuli afford the restoration of the artist’s experience in Cerrado’s landscapes. Thus, the “expanded environment” concept is nothing but identifying appropriation practices and abstraction of Cerrado’s materialities from the dialectical juxtaposition between natural/unnatural and interior/exterior pairs.

Projeto: Cerrado has two purposes: first, to understand how individuals perceive natural environments; and second, to unfold a tiny amount of the natural complexity that underlies what is perceivable by exploring audio-visual compositions using biophony auditory phenomena.

Therefore, on the one hand, we sought to investigate sound spatialization to explore spatial-temporal sonic perceptions to enhance immersiveness in audio-visual performances and musicals compositions. On the other hand, we intend to go deeper into discovering how technology (especially sonification and AI) could guide us on unfolding straightforward ways to provide other people, especially non-Brazilians, with spatial-temporal sensation by evoking minimal changes towards biophony Cerrado’s sounds.

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