Thor Kell



John Sullivan

Masters Student (alumni)


Academic Background

  • B.Sc. (Music / Computer Science) – University of Victoria (Canada) – 2012
  • MA Candidate (Music Technology)- McGill University (Canada) – 2014

Past Projects

  • Mistify: Dynamically Recreating Xenakis’ Mists. Paper at CIM 2014. (paper).
  • Musical Mapping of Two-Dimensional Touch-Based Interfaces. MA Thesis. Info is here.
  • A High-Level Review of Mappings in Musical iOS Applications. Poster at SMC/ICMC 2014. Raw data is here.
  • Empirical Analysis of Track Selection and Ordering in Electronic Dance Music Using Audio Feature Extraction – poster presented at ISMIR 2013. (proceedingspaper)
  • An Overview of Musical Mappings for iOS Applications – paper presented at SMC 2013. (proceedingspaper)
  • The Feminest: Inferring the gender of bands from text data. Made at Tufts Hack Day, 2013.
  • Elvis by Elvis – performance with Ryan Groves, at ISMIR 2013
  • Tetris-Remix: Generative music using Tetris Attack. Made at MIT Hacking Arts, 2013.
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Beethoven: Algorithmic composition meets music criticism.
  • Leap Re Mi: Solfege sign synthesis. Made at McGill Music Hack Day, 2013
  • The Ultimate Machine: Self-referential, text-based algorithmic composition. Made at Boston Music Hack Day, 2012
  • The Tonnetz – Building a working, cylindrical tonnetz for MUMT 619.
  • TimbreSurf: Controlling concatenative synthesis with a Kinect, Echo Nest Remix, and ChucK. MUMT 620 class project, 2012
  • How To DJ Properly: Track ordering driven by heuristics from the BBC’s Essential Mix. CSC 475 class project, 2011
  • Kinduct: ‘Conducting’ using a Kinect. UVic Music Hack Day, 2011
  • instantmusicvideo: Mash up SoundCloud audio and Vimeo / YouTube video. Summer hack, 2010.

Research Areas: