Erivan Duarte



John Sullivan

Ph.D. Researcher


I am a PhD student in music education at McGill University. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Performance as well a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a major in Teaching from Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) in the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil. I received my master’s degree in Computer Engineering (Music Technology) from Unicamp as well. My academic background is linked to research in education from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. I am particularly interested in new ways of thinking about  inclusion in music, promoting the  development of technology in music and  exploring new perspectives for the teaching and learning process.

The majority of my professional career has been dedicated to pedagogy. For ten years, I have been  teaching music as an independent educator. I have also taught general music and instrumental music  classes in music schools. As a physicist, I worked for two years as a teacher in public and private High schools in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. I also worked as a volunteer for three years teaching physics and promoting the dissemination of science for adults and young people. I have been taking part in several projects dedicated to innovation in music education. During my master’s program, I designed classes and technology tools to teach music to children and adolescents with disabilities and used them during the classes I gave to deaf students. I also have performed as a professional musician in Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

Research Areas: