From the Vaults: NIME03 – Concert Notes, Special Events Program, Poster and more




John Sullivan

NIME03 – the Second International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

McGill University in Montreal, Qc, Canada, May 22 to 24, 2003.


NIME03 happened 20 years ago! To celebrate the two decades of the event, I checked the vaults to see what I could find related to the conference.

Actually, I found lots of stuff!

Apart from the papers and posters presented during these three days, available from the nime.org website or here as a single PDF file, the conference welcomed several other events: 3 concerts (one invited), invited special talks, demos and workshops.

I hope that this information will be helpful for researchers willing to learn more about the first few NIME conferences. They also show the richness of the NIME conferences in these early times and their links to the computer music community.


For instance, on the left is the original NIME03 Call for Submissions.

It is interesting to compare the topics of interest to those in more recent conferences, for instance, to see which items have appeared or been dropped since 2003, but also how terminology has changed in these two decades (some aspects I developed further in the NIME 2023 paper “Prehistoric NIME”.

Worth of notice is the interest in reports on pedagogical and artistic applications of musical interfaces and historical reviews. This is shown in items:

  • Performance reports (live performance and composition using novel controllers)
  • Artistic & cultural impact of new performance interfaces
  • Pedagogical applications of new interfaces – courses and curricula
  • Surveys of past work and/or stimulating ideas for future research



The picture on the left shows Michel Waisvisz demonstrating The Hands during the STEIM workshop on May 23, 2003.

Some of the material related to these events has been posted as a new IDMIL project. Check it out!

Videos of several events will be uploaded to the IDMIL Youtube channel.