T-Stick Performance at Festival Internacional de La Imagen




John Sullivan


On May 25th 2021, Kasey Pocius got to perform a new piece for T-Stick, Guitar & Mixed Electronics entitled “S.O.S.” for the Tele Espacios Activos¬†section of this year’s Festival Internacional de la Imagen in Manizales, Colombia. They were joined telematically by Gabrielle Couillard, Oscar “Tata” Ceballos, and Andres Felipe on sound, with visuals provided by Christian Lizzaralde & Camila Campos. The technical¬†direction was handled by Mario H. Valencia and the team at the Sensor lab at University of Caldas.


The piece was collaboratively composed by the group during the 2021 social protests in Colombia, “S.O.S.” replicates the call of the Colombian people to the international community, using the Morse code both as a compositional structure and sound source. “S.O.S.” is developed over three movements in which, through the use of samplers, electric guitar, drones, vocoders, and various types of synthesis, the initial motif of three points, three lines, and three points is gradually transformed, reconfigured, and developed, creating a Rondo strucutre.