SENSE/STAGE – Low Cost, Open Source Wireless Sensor Infrastructure for Live Performance and Interactive Real-time Environments



John Sullivan

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Marije A. J. Baalman, Vincent de Belleval, Joseph Malloch, Joseph Thibodeau, Christopher L. Salter, Marcelo M. Wanderley

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Proceedings of the 2010 international Computer Music Conference (ICMC2010)


SenseStage is a research-creation project to develop a wire- less sensor network infrastructure for live performance and interactive, real-time environments. The project is motivated by the economic and technical constraints of live performance contexts and the lack of existing tools for artistic work with wireless sensing platforms. The development is situated within professional artistic contexts and tested in real world scenarios. In this paper we discuss our choice of wireless platform, the design of the hardware and firmware, battery options, and an evaluation of the data transmission quality within the wireless network. Additionally, software integration of the wireless platform with popular media programming environments is addressed, as well as evaluation and dissemination of the technology through workshops. Finally, we elaborate on the application of the hardware and software infrastructure in professional artistic projects: two dance performances, two media projects involving environmental data and an interactive, multi-sensory installation.

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Conference Paper
New York, NY, USA