Perceptual Characterization of a Tactile Display for a Live-Electronics Notification System



John Sullivan

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Emma Frid, Marcello Giordano, Marlon Schumacher, Marcelo M. Wanderley

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Proceedings of the Joint 2014 International Computer Music Conference/Sound and Music Computing Conference (ICMC/SMC)


In this paper we present a study we conducted to assess physical and perceptual properties of a tactile display for a tactile notification system within the CIRMMT Live Electronics Framework (CLEF), a Max-based 1 modular environment for composition and performance of live electronic music. Our tactile display is composed of two rotating eccentric mass actuators driven by a PWM signal generated from an Arduino microcontroller. We conducted physical measurements using an accelerometer and two user-based studies in order to evaluate: intensity and spectral peak frequency as function of duty cycle, as well as perceptual vibrotactile absolute and differential threshold. Results, obtained through the use of a logit regression model, provide us with precise design guidelines. These guidelines will enable us to ensure robust perceptual discrimination be- tween vibrotactile stimuli at different intensities. Among with other characterizations presented in this study, these guidelines will allow us to better design tactile cues for our notification system for live-electronics performance.

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Conference Paper
Athens, Greece