Integrating 1-DoF Force Feedback Interactions In Self-Contained DMIs



John Sullivan


Mathias Kirkegaard

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M.A. Thesis, McGill University


This thesis presents a system for designers of Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs) to explore the integration of 1 degree of freedom (DoF) force feedback interactions in new self-contained instruments. The system developed consists of an open-source graphical tool and a rotary force- feedback device made from commercially available components to facilitate the authoring of audio-haptic applications. The system’s requirements are collected through a background analysis: I review related research in force-feedback DMI’s to motivate the capabilities of the system and inspire musical application examples. I survey current software solutions for audio-haptic authoring to understand how the system should work. I obtain latency and stability requirements for the device by reviewing existing open-source force feedback devices and according to related literature on the performance evaluation of haptic devices. Implementing an early prototype is used to inform the development of the graphical editing tool and its integration in an embedded audio-haptic environment using the functional programming language FAUST for real-time signal processing. I implement the device with a low-cost stepper motor and compensate cogging torque for maximizing haptic transparency. The device is integrated into two DMI’s, the T-Stick, and a standalone haptic knob, and used to prototype four audio-haptic applications. I provide a technical evaluation, showing that the system meets latency and stability requirements, and provide all source code and assembly instructions as open-source available to the community.

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Masters Thesis
Montreal, Canada

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