The T-Box



John Sullivan


The T-Box (formerly known as the Tralf) is a third generation instrument, based on initial versions first by Geof Holbrook and later by Geof Holbrook and Eileen TenCate. It makes use of ultrasound sensing to detect the performer’s gestures in the air above the instrument.

The T-Box’s physical form is that of a rectangular wooden box, mounted on top of a microphone stand. Four ultrasound receivers are mounted on top of this box. The control for the envelope follower is one the back, facing the performer. Two hand-pieces are connected to the sides of the box by flexible cabling. Each hand-piece is worn by the performer and contains an ultrasound transmitter and 4 switches, one for each finger.

Work is ongoing to develop a synthesis system for the T-Box, using granular synthesis. A musical piece is also being developed which will involve the performance of the T-Box along with other instruments, both digital and acoustic.

IDMIL Participants:

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Heather Hindman (Digital Composition Studios)
Chloe Dominguez (Schulich School of Music)

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