The analysis and simulation of Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs)



John Sullivan


We are studying the circuit of Bucket Brigade Devices because we want to find out how the analogue BBD’s compares to its software counterpart in order to understand how to simulate them. In DACs and ADCs (digital to analogue and analogue to digital converters) there is a two-step process of sampling and quantization. When learning about the concept of sampling, it can be difficult to fully grasp the process because you don’t really hear each sample given that they happen 44 100 times a second and upwards. However, a bucket brigade device, BBD for short, uses a method of sampling that came out around the same time as DACs did and uses a similar method. Instead of quantizing it (taking a voltage signal and putting it into binary for the computer to understand, it only samples it and uses the inherent nature of the circuit to delay the sample, creating multiple kinds of effects like echo, reverb, chorus. These can demonstrate the nature of sampling on an applied level that students can grasp and thus is worth implementing in a simple visual simulation for educational purposes. This would also include seeing how current delay simulations compare to the analogue variant in order to know what to do in terms of simulation.


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