André Januário



John Sullivan

Ph.D. Researcher


Brazilian artist André Januário has developed a multi-faceted career as a performer, educator, and researcher. Holding a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Performance from West Virginia University, he has worked as a bassoonist in Brazil and the United States. Dr. Januário held positions as assistant principal bassoon at the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro Symphony Orchestra, as principal bassoon at Caxias do Sul Symphony Orchestra (OSUCS), and at Theatro São Pedro Chamber Orchestra in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In the U.S., he has collaborated as a bassoonist in several symphonic ensembles in West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

As a college instructor, he taught in American and Brazilian institutions such as Middle Tennessee State University, Caxias do Sul University School of Music and West Virginia University Community Music Program. In addition, his career as a conductor includes positions as music director in ensembles such as the University of Caxias do Sul Youth Orchestra (Brazil) and Morgantown Community Orchestra (USA), as well as an active career as a band director in public schools, and choir director in religious institutions.

Currently, he is expanding the scope of his previous research by pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Performance Sciences at McGill University, where he is studying interdisciplinary approaches to foster today’s artists. Dr. Januário is working on a theoretical framework that proposes how technology can be embedded into the core curriculum of music performance to enhance music training. His research focuses on the implementation of 21st-century technology-based skills into music performance training in higher education institutions.


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