New Directions in Music and Human-Computer Interaction


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John Sullivan

New Directions in Music and Human-Computer Interaction, a new book in the Springer Series on Cultural Computing, has been published. Edited by Simon Holland,  Tom Mudd, Katie Wilkie-McKenna, Andrew McPherson, and Marcelo Wanderley, the book features interviews and contributions from several researchers in the field including the editors, Atau Tanaka, Rebecca Fiebrink, Bill Verplank, Kristina Andersen, Joseph Malloch (IDMIL alumnus, Ph.D. 2013), and others.

The book is accessible at: https://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319920689.

About the book:

Computing is transforming how we interact with music. New theories and new technologies have emerged that present fresh challenges and novel perspectives for researchers and practitioners in music and human-computer interaction (HCI). In this collection, the interdisciplinary field of music interaction is considered from multiple viewpoints: designers, interaction researchers, performers, composers, audiences, teachers and learners, dancers and gamers. 

The book comprises both original research in music interaction and reflections from leading researchers and practitioners in the field. It explores a breadth of HCI perspectives and methodologies: from universal approaches to situated research within particular cultural and aesthetic contexts. Likewise, it is musically diverse, from experimental to popular, classical to folk, including tango, laptop orchestras, composition and free improvisation.