Libmapper distribution and usability updates


Lab News


John Sullivan

Throughout the past year, there have been many recent updates to the libmapper signal mapping framework to improve its accessibility and usability. For more details about libmapper, check out https://libmapper.org!

Here is a summary of the new features and changes:

  • Easy webmapper installation from repository
    • Download from github repository
    • Install dependencies from terminal: pip install -r requirements.txt
    • Run with: python -m webmapper
    • OR: just use the new prebuilt standalone application (get here for now, check for a release soon)
      • Webmapper Windows installer will be present in the next release!
  • Prebuilt Max externals package now for MacOS and Windows
    • Get here for now, check for a release soon
    • Unzip into your Documents/Max 8/Packages directory and you should be set!
    • Try out the Ableton Live bridge, Mapper4Live, now that installation is easy
  • New TouchDesigner (visual art program) bridge: Mapper4TD
    • Setup instructions in the repo, uses the Python bindings
  • Session management updates
    • Webmapper now uses a newly created Python module, mappersession, for session management, and handles map staging (waiting for missing devices/reconnecting) and other nuances.
    • Can be run headlessly from the command line, details in the repo’s README.md file. Install with: pip install mappersession
    • Still needs development to handle multiple instances on the same network, but all basic cases are handled now
  • OSC -> libmapper signal forwarding program
    • A small Python program has been created, ForwardMapper, that listens for OSC messages, creates libmapper signals, and forwards their values when updated
  • SuperCollider bridge feature update
    • MapperUGen updated to allow for signals to be created using Busses, users were previously required to create within a SynthDef
  • New signal value monitors
    • Webmapper: hover over a signal and click the eye-shaped icon to view a plot of the signal’s value in real time
      • webmapper_plotter.PNG
    • Python signal plotter (found in libmapper-contrib here)
      • pysignalplotter2.png

Check out the libmapper family of tools on Github or on its website to learn more about how it can be used for your projects!