AUMI resources

This page contains resources for the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI) desktop application that is developed and maintained by the IDMIL.

An updated Windows version of AUMI  (v4.1.2) can be downloaded here:

This version is available for testing before it is added to the official AUMI downloads page, and is intended to correct an issue caused by Windows 10 that caused the app to stall when opening. If you download and use the app, please report any issues (and successes) to john.sullivan2@mail.mcgill.ca.

Installation information: The AUMI for Windows application is now packaged in an installer. It will install the app to the /Program Files directory. It also comes with an Uninstaller, that can be accessed from Windows “Add or Remove a Program” option in Settings.

When you first open the installer, you may encounter a popup window stating that “Windows protected your PC” with some warning information. This is because it is not yet signed with a Microsoft Developer digital signature but in fact the app is perfectly safe to install. Click on the “More info” link, and then click the “Run anyway” button in the next popup.

Additional information about AUMI for Windows 4.1.2:

As of the previous version, AUMI is compiled as a 64 bit application only. If there are requests for a 32 bit version (that can be run on much older machines), a separate version can be compiled, however it should be considered legacy and not guaranteed to be continually updated or supported. If you are unsure whether your version of Windows is 64 or 32 bit, visit this link to check.

The AUMI User Guide can be downloaded here.

If you are looking for the MacOS application, the current version is v4.1.1 and is available at the regular downloads page.

AUMI Book Chapter – interviews

Audio interviews conducted by John Sullivan, September 2019, with members of the AUMI app development team. In preparation for chapter “An Historical Account of the AUMI Desktop Application”.

If the audio doesn’t stream using the players below, you may need to wait a few moments for the audio to buffer. You can also download the full interviews with the links provided.

Eric Lewis [download link]

Ivan Franco [download link]

Ian Hattwick [download link]

Thomas Ciufo [download link]

NOTE: These interview are available here for internal use only. Please do not make public or redistribute.