Mapping tools for digital musical instruments

Authors: Joseph Malloch, Stephen Sinclair, Marcelo M. Wanderley (supervisor).

The mapping tools provide a framework and GUI designed to aid collaborative development of a digital musical instrument mapping layer. The goal was to create a system that allows mapping between controller and sound parameters without requiring a high level of technical knowledge, and which needs minimal manual intervention for tasks such as configuring the network and assigning identifiers to devices. Ease of implementation was also considered, to encourage future developers of devices to adopt a compatible protocol. (See the Mapping Tools project page for more information and a screenshot.)

The version available here for download has been implemented in Max/MSP. In the future, we will try to have other versions available here also - the documentation is all freely available, so if you feel like porting the max version, or including compatibility in your own software, please feel free :)

You will need to download the Digital Orchestra Toolbox of Max/MSP abstractions (linked below).

Mapping Musical Instruments using the Digital Orchestra Tools from IDMIL on Vimeo.

Related Projects

  • libmapper - A C library that implements the mapper protocol, allowing mapper integration into almost any software. Also provides Python bindings.