software/libmapper/Projects using libmapper

Project Language Decription
implicitmap MaxMSP A MaxMSP/Puredata object providing structure for using implicit mapping schemes (e.g. machine learning) with libmapper-enabled devices.
mapperRec C Recording device for libmapper.
mapper-max-pd MaxMSP MaxMSP and Puredata objects for libmapper-enabled devices.
midimap C MIDI bridge for libmapper (using portmidi).
webmapper Python/Javascript An HTML5-based graphical interface to libmapper.
WiiMapperFramework Objective-C Extensions to the WiiRemoteFramework to support sending signals using libmapper. Forked from DarwiinRemote.


Project Language Decription
granul8 MaxMSP A granular synth with 8 instances, compatible with libmapper.