This page contains a short list of bugs or limitations that we know are present in the current release of libmapper, and intend to fix as soon as possible. Some of these bugs and limitations may already be fixed in the development repository. This page does not include wishlist items and ideas for future work, which can be found in the README.

  1. There is no support for mapping vector signals; although this correctly represented in the API, there is a lack of support for vector indexing and construction in the expression evaluator. This is currently the top development priority. Update: Vectors can be mapped using per-element arithmetic, but still no support for arbitrary indexing in the evaluator. Still need to add support for separate max/min values for each vector element.
  2. On Linux systems you may have difficulty creating a device when no network connection is present. This is because Linux does not default to the loopback interface for multicast messaging, and currently liblo does not completely support explicit interface selection for multicast. This will require some changes to liblo, but we intend to resolve this problem. Fixed
  3. The Python binding is not complete. It allows creation of devices and signals, but does not yet support the monitor and database API modules, so it is not yet possible to design a GUI for the mapper protocol in Python. Update: Python bindings fully functional, currently in use designing HTML5-based GUI. Java bindings do not have monitors yet.