SMPC 2007 Satellite Workshop

MoCap Data exchange – Establishment of a Preliminary database For Music Performances

Organizers: Isabelle Cossette and Marcelo M. Wanderley

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology - CIRMMT

Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Monday July 30, 2007


The MoCap Data webpage prepared for the workshop, where data from different systems can be up or downloaded.

The MoCap & Music mailing list at McGill, for discussion on technical details on the use of MoCap to analyze music performance.

Workshop Schedule

Schedule, slides and extra material (click on the grey titles)

9:30 am

Marcelo M. Wanderley and Isabelle Cossette: Introduction to the Workshop

9:45 am

Open presentations from users of different MoCap systems

Topics: • Characteristics and file formats of various systems • Exchange data among systems • Common Software for data analysis


Ryan Ouckama: Optotrak NDF data in Vicon

Erwin Schoonderwaldt: C3D Basics

Phil Dixon: Cross-Platfrom Motion Capture Data Sharing. A Case Study: Vicon and BTS

Alexandre Bouënard: The BVH file format

Extra Material:

Ryan Ouckama's code to convert Optotrak NDF files into Vicon readable C3D (check the Install Instructions file for information).

Erwin Schoonderwaldt's example on the use of the C3DServer Toolbox.

11:15 am


60 minutes with moderator (Marcelo Wanderley)

• Synchronisation of data

1:45 pm

MoCap databases


Erwin Schoonderwaldt: Exchange of Models and Methods

Diana Young: Bowing Gestures Database

2:00 pm


60 minutes with moderator (Isabelle Cossette)

//Topics:// • Organisation of databases. • Users needs • Database model type choice, potential problems • Placement and number of cameras, background, lights • Priorities to succeed in creating a database, access issues, etc.

3:30 pm

Visit to CIRMMT labs

CIRMMT - McGill's New Music Buiding - 8th floor, the IDMIL and the MPCL (550 Sherbrooke St. West)